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The Linnie network is run by a team of volunteers. Alongside their jobs and family, they happily spend their time answering questions in the forum, or finding new homes for parakeets.
Unfortunately, we can't do our work without money. Aside from paying the web domains, we also need to finance our flyers and business cards. So far, the network's team members have covered theses costs.
Now we are able to fund the network thanks to various projects and advertising partners, as well as private donations. Below is an overview of our funding and how you can get involved in supporting the Lineolated Parakeet Network:

The Lineolated Parakeet poster and book

By selling the posters and books, the Linnie Network makes a small profit (while hopefully adding a little bit of colourful joy to the lives of Linnie owners and breeders).




Adverts featured on our website are another source of income. Also, this funding is used to support our various projects. By using the following link to order bird equipment or food at Zooplus you support our network!



We are not a registered association and therefor cannot provide donation receipts. However, you can still support our work:

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