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Birds looking for a new home

This page is dedicated to relocating and adopting Lineolated Parakeets as well as other birds.
Are you interested in one (ore more) of the birds for adoption, or do you want to give a bird away? Then contact us with your name, e-mail address and telephone number using either the contact form or by calling or mailing one of the network's members.

In general:
  • Single birds can only be adopted if there is already at least one parakeet of the same species at the new home. No bird will be relocated into a household where it is alone.
  • Lineolated Parakeets that are taken in by the Network prior to adoption will only be relocated under the signing of a protection agreement.
  • Finding a secure and happy home for the birds is more important than the price paid for them. Linnies should therefore be given away for free, or for a small protection fee.

You can find more information on open as well as completed placements in the placement rubric of our Linnie forum.

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