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Business cards

Lineolated Parakeet Network

We are not able to distribute the cards throughout Germany without your support, so how can you help us?

If so, please request our business cards via the contact form and pass them on to the people and stores that can make use of them. The people then have the opportunity to inform themselves, as well as contact us with any queries. Please don't forget to provide us with all your contact details (name and address), so we can send you the cards as swiftly as possible.

It is particularly important to distribute the business cards in pet stores and other specialist shops. Please be sure to ask for the store's permission to leave the cards. Maybe a friendly shop assistant will offer to hand out the cards to customers and interested people.

The business cards were funded by the Linnie Network and are handed out for free. However, we would be grateful for any voluntary contribution to the shipping costs. Please get in contact with us!

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